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Gerry George


The Way We Live Now
Director of Photography,
Chris Seager BSc., takes a light reading from actor Gerry George
(The Great Karlini), in the
BBC TV saga "The Way We Live Now"
directed by David Yates.

Gerry George
Gerry George

George at Blenheim
George at Blenheim Palace in June 2003

"Gerry" by  photographer Alan Powdrill
"Gerry" by  photographer Alan Powdrill

This picture - "Gerry", by international photographer, Alan Powdrill - recently unveiled as third prize-winner, in the Schweppes Portrait Prize 2003 – is part of an exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery which runs until Feb 15th 2003.
Journalist Richard McClure - who interviewed Alan
- writes, in the souvenir brochure:
"Influenced by the Faux realism of Philip-Lorca di Corcia and Gregory Crewdson, Alan Powdrill's Schweppes entry is a portrait of actor Gerry George, a professional model and a familiar face on the advertising circuit.
Using a Mamiya 6 x 7, the 36-year-old photographer snatched a few unrelated extra studies of Gerry, on the completion of a corporate assignment.
I often use models for my portraits, people who look a little bit unusual,
slightly different from the norm”, says Alan.
 "I’ve wanted to take a picture of Gerry for a long time.
 He’s a fantastic character – very charismatic – who captivates everyone the moment he walks into a room." 
Here, he’s taking part in a story: it’s a set-up scenario.
Other photographers will be able to tell immediately that the shot is staged, but hopefully some people will take longer to realise that fact.
I’ve always liked making the viewer think slightly more about what they are seeing. As a big fan of Surrealism, I like things that are off kilter and askew.
"Reality with a twist."

Gerry George - photographed by Hershey's Brazil launch promotions executive Isobel Masagao - at the Hershey's Chocolate stand in Selfridge's Department Store, London, earlier in 2004.

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Churchill-B Capt-Man-A


Gerry George as Winston Churchill and Captain Mainwaring.

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